Tuesday, 23 October 2012


  1. Mac OS X
  2. Linux 
python - V


     3. Windows binary {x86, x64]} .msi

NIX tarball [tgz, tar.bz2]
traditional unix word - install manually (compressed archive files)


Install everything for windows
  • Register Extension
  • TCL/Tk
  • Documentation
  • Test suite
RPM (redhat, fedora)

.deb (ubuntu) - APT (apt-get)

yum (redhat GUI installation package) 

source (configure, make, install)


Monday, 22 October 2012

Disabling SNX Service (Outbound link of Security Gateway)

Disabling SNX Problem.

When you unchecked SSL Extender and SecureClient Mobile under VPN clients tab (Gateway Properties), the SNX service running on http/https (outbound link of FW) would be disabled as well. 


Friday, 5 October 2012

Login to CP FW with Your Public Key & Changing CP Root Password

After you login with Public key, there was a problem to switch to root access with su – command. 
When you type and change root password with...

Although it says root password has changed, it does not change (like a bug).

To solve this issue;
After you give a password to root with the command below 
#/usr/bin/passwd root 

changing mode with '#chmod 4755 /bin/su' is enough to resolve the problem. Now, you can get access from your user account (logged in with the public key) to root access. 

In my understanding, there is a permission issue on the directory placed above which does not allow us to change root password (Although it never says so).